Around the time William Shakespeare was sowing the seeds of his literary immortality, a wealthy businessman named William Tyler took steps to ensure that future generations would remember his own name.

Tyler chose to endow a charity in Stratford-upon-Avon with the sum of £200 – in those days a small fortune – to provide for 12 poor people to have an annual sermon and dinner in his memory. After he died in 1665, his land, including where Grosvenor Hotel now sits, was bought by a charity.

The land held by the charity was once used as a nursery garden, even supplying plants to Queen Victoria. Mature apple and pear trees at the rear of the hotel car park point to its use as an orchard. The Tyler Charity trustees decided that building on the land would be an excellent way to increase revenues; in return for 200-year leases, they insisted that tenants invest their money in “houses of substance”.

One such building was Grosvenor Hotel, emerging about 1967 when Mr Grosvenor Williams established bed and breakfast at number 12 Warwick Road. By 1975, the original 16-bed property had been amalgamated and linked with the property next door at number 13 to create a 49 bedroom hotel. The final addition, number 14 Warwick Road, was bought and linked after 1978.


For years Grosvenor Hotel was a well-known landmark in Stratford-upon-Avon – known and loved for its beauty and splendour. After falling into disrepair and needing a lot of TLC, it was taken over briefly by a new owner who purchased the property in 2019 – it was renamed The Villare Hotel and extensively renovated to a high standard.

The building stands proud and beautiful once more, and the interiors have been revitalised with a modern, luxurious and aesthetically pleasing design that maintains the heritage and character embedded throughout. The building was restored to its former glory and is now owned by one of the UK’s leading hospitality management companies, Brightstar Hospitality Management Limited

In March 2022, the hotel went back to being Grosvenor Hotel and is now on course to regain its position in Stratford-upon-Avon. We’re looking forward to being the go-to place for a great night’s sleep, a delicious meal, and an overall fabulous hotel experience… and the only independent hotel in the centre of town.